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Virtual Sumo is a computer game I spent a lot of time developing over the course of two years while living in Japan. Since moving back to the U.S. in late summer 2000 and getting a Real Job I haven't gotten around to working on it. I am now planning to get back into it as time (and wife/2 kids/full-time job/too many hobbies) allows. I've learned much and developed many skills (Photoshop, Flash, design, Object Oriented Programming, etc.) in my job as a web developer that I hope to apply to future versions of Virtual Sumo. First off I plan to develop a Flash version and see where that goes. Being in the web development field, I'm also interested in a web-based game, possibly multi-player...but, one thing at a time.

Andy Seigatakaigai Tanis


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Previous Version Archives

Version 1.05 (06/28/2000)

The last version I released--shortly before we left Japan. Included a major re-write of much of the code and an improved sanyaku promotion scheme.

Download version 1.05     View 1.05 manual

Version 1.0 (05/24/2000)

Juryo division, retirement, rikishi generator, improved dynamic torikumi scheduler, improved banzuke sorting algorithm.

Download version 1.0     View 1.0 manual

Version 0.9 (04/10/2000)

Rikishi portraits represent matches graphically, rikishi portraits displayed along with statistics, hoshitori-hyo, records page.

Download version 0.9     View 0.9 manual

Version 0.8 (01/31/2000)

Kimarite, improved graphical interface, basho names/places displayed.

Download version 0.8     View 0.8 manual

Version 0.7 (12/30/1999)

Skills system, attributes, balance and nokosu bars, kinboshi, sansho prizes, HTML manual.

Download version 0.7     View 0.7 manual

Version 0.6b (10/31/1999)

Dynamic torikumi schedule.

Download version 0.6b     View 0.6b manual

Version 0.5b (10/22/1999)

Converted to Windows9x, gaming/strategy matrix, improved opponent AI.

Download version 0.5b     View 0.5b manual

Version 0.42b (03/04/1999)

Tweaked stats/difficulty level.

Download version 0.42b     View 0.42b manual

Version 0.4b (02/27/1999)

Mono-ii, tournament leaderboard, improved kettei-sen.

Download version 0.4b     View 0.4b manual

Version 0.3b (02/22/1999)

Dynamic cyber-rikishi, potential and age stats, dynamic sekiwake and komusubi ranks.

Download version 0.3b     View 0.3b manual

Version 0.2b (02/15/1999)

2nd version released! :)

Download version 0.2b     View 0.2b manual

Version 0.1 (02/01/1999)

1st version released! :)

Version 0.0 (09/23/1998)

1st draft! :)